In the 21st Century, leadership and interpersonal skills (teamwork) are the most valuable and marketable job skills sought by employers.


Camp Enterprise has a 31-year history of inspiring and building these qualities into our campers.


Camp Enterprise is truly a transformative experience


Meet The Pros

An excellent opportunity to meet top business leaders and professionals in a small group environment where you can ask whatever questions you like to learn these leaders’ secrets of success.


A wonderful opportunity to get to know your fellow student leaders.

Talent Show

Entertaining Saturday evening fun that displays campers’ creative talents in competition for the best team presentation.

Business Simulation

Computer-facilitate business simulation that quickly reveals the effects of several team decisions in an evolving business operation; with an interesting reward for the most profitable group.

Counselor Couples

Helpful Rotary members with each team of campers, who assist and support every camper’s participation for a more enjoyable experience.

Business Speakers

Varied presentations by successful business executives and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge to help you learn about the business world.

Team Building

Stimulating meetings and activities to help introduce you to fellow campers – active school leaders like yourself – from which new friendships begin.

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